Certification Technology Simplified

Streamline Your Certification

Since every certification is different, technology needs to be adaptable to a wide range of requirements. That’s why when it comes to credentialing, Agilutions is proud to offer a best-in-class solution that centers on both organization accreditation and individual certification. Our expertise sets us apart from the competition because we understand our clients’ needs and can solve complex time-consuming challenges with easy and reliable solutions.

Our skilled approach allows credentialing organizations to turn cumbersome manual processes into automated ones. Data is kept in one central place, which makes it easy to access a real-time snapshot of activity. By simply logging in to a customized dashboard, users can better manage, measure and report on every aspect of their certification process. And, since our solution is complete and scalable, it’s effortless to keep track of applicants over time and possible to update existing requirements or add new certification steps. This changes the entire way our credentialing-partners approach their certification by reducing the need for data entry, paperwork and phone banks, which frees up resources for other key tasks.

“Agilutions is one of my favorite vendor partners. I consider them a strategic asset to my association. They embrace our objectives as their own and work side-by-side with us to achieve them. They are uncommonly quick at understanding business processes and have the unique ability to persistently and gently persuade end users to accept improvements to business process and system changes. They don’t believe in accepting ‘but that’s the way we’ve always done it.’ Their deep knowledge of netFORUM and credentialing has been invaluable to us. On top of it all, they are just great people to work with—they possess excellent communication skills, listen to our needs, are funny and calming, have the highest degree of integrity and are darned nice.”

Mike Guerrieri | Information Technology Director