The Process

Our Approach Gets the Right Results

Agilutions conducts a complete project lifecycle to ensure that every implementation lives up to our impeccably high standards and meets objectives. Below is more information about our three-phase, iterative approach.

Process Challenge Agilutions Advantage

Requirement and Analysis (SRA)

Solutions must be complete, scalable and modified to achieve exact business objectives. Implementation partner must work seamlessly with third parties and possess a keen insight that will make the solutions applicable to a diverse number of business needs. Agilutions has the expertise and the know-how to accommodate all types of requirements.To make sure every project runs smoothly, we document each step with custom reporting and querying requirements. We also note required integrations to third-party applications.

Development and Implementation

Implementations often exceed timelines and budgets if a solid delivery plan isn’t in place or is not carried out accordingly. Testing and development must work hand-in-hand to ensure that software solutions work properly today and for many tomorrows to come. Agilutions uses an interactive approach to software development. By creating a three-week implementation timeline for each project complete with scope definition, unique refinement, data conversion, deployment, demonstrations, feedback and testing, our process ensures the most sound development.

GoLive Delivery

A smooth site launch is the key to ensure that day-to-day business is uninterrupted, yet inexperienced implementation partners often don’t prepare for a seamless “live” transition. Once all implementation iterations are complete and all major functionality have been tested, Agilutions ensures that every project is ready to “Go-Live”before launch. This includes staging a mock launch if necessary, conducting on-site training and assisting with the development
of SOPs.