NBCC is live!

We are pleased to announce that our netFORUM implementation for NBCC went live on Monday with great enthusiasm.  Abila was blown away by our enhancements and felt certain that a great deal of these customizations would solve a number of client needs.  During the mock go live, the NBCC staff was excited to see the system improvements and greatly anticipated its July 14 launch.

Through this project, we developed a certification solution for NBCC that will streamline its complex business practices, greatly reduce the paper application process, and improve the user experience by allowing them to enter their application data online.  This will reduce not only the time required for an applicant to apply but also staff data entry time.  Additionally, the new site gives applicants a centralized “CE Warehouse” to enter all of their continuing education.

Our client was thrilled to share the positive feedback they received from one of the site’s first users: “O my goodness, this website is FANTASTIC!  VERY user friendly, I am having a blast.”  (K.A., Gateway Community College).

Great work, NBCC team!