Spotlight on AAFP

Agilutions recently worked with long-time netFORUM client, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to identify areas where AAFP can move their customizations back to a more baseline-centric solution using netFORUM’s out-of-the box functionality. After hearing a presentation by Agilutions at AUDC in 2013, AAFP reached out to Agilutions to provide an outside view of their customizations and make suggestions for areas where Baseline netFORUM could be leveraged.

During this effort, Agilutions engaged with AAFP’s netFORUM power users as they presented their customizations and helped to identify areas where baseline netFORUM could be leveraged.

In November 2014, Agilutions’ Stephen Spruce and Barb Kilzer traveled onsite to AAFP’s offices in Kansas City, MO to conduct a “Back to Baseline” workshop with AAFP’s core netFORUM team. During the two-day workshop, Agilutions reviewed baseline processes, weighing the pros and cons of each item that could potentially leverage baseline. The effort proved to be very successful for both teams, as there were several areas of baseline netFORUM that AAFP will look to roll back to baseline.

Barb proudly shared, “This effort was a great example of Agilutions’ passion for helping clients leverage their netFORUM investment as much as possible. AAFP has an incredibly talented staff who has taken ownership of the system and are true experts in expanding it to meet their business needs. With an upgrade on the horizon, AAFP saw this as the perfect time to pull in an outside expert to view of their customizations and use of the system. After this workshop with the AAFP team, we could feel the excitement around many of the newer functionalities of netFORUM that were presented that AAFP is looking to leverage.”

Great work, AAFP team!