Caitlin Gardiner

Caitlin is getting her Bachelors in Organizational Psychology and minoring in Art History at Metro State University. Education is her top priority and she is making sure to set her future up for success. Her involvement at Agilutions pushes her to be creative and incorporate what she is learning in school with the aspects of the business. A native of Colorado she enjoys watching the city grow, what she doesn’t enjoy is the traffic. Everything is working out for her though.

More about Caitlin…

1. What is your favorite perk about Agilutions?
The people I get to work with. It isn’t easy finding those who enjoy weird as much as I do.

2. What are your hobbies outside of work?
Riding my bike and Spinning. Spin, Spin baby.

3. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
Hugs, high fives if you’re not into hugs and cheers at happy hour

4. What is your favorite show?
I could binge watch the Netflix series The O A over and over again!

5. “Everything is always working out for me, even when it is not”