Ed Schultz

Ed handles the business and financial management aspects of Agilutions and basically works with clients and outside resources to ensure that the great work of the Agilutionaires translates into rewards for the team’s fine efforts.
He grew up on the East Coast, travelled widely, and has had business experience throughout much of the world working with large, medium and up and coming companies, such as Agilutions. As he and his wife were interested in moving to Denver to be closer to their children, he was lucky enough to meet up with Agilutions where great things happen to great clients!

More about Ed…

1. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
Walks with Stephen Spruce and Denver, particularly location in LODO.

2. What is your greatest challenge?
Keeping in physical shape against enjoying food.

3. New favorite shows to watch?
My new one is the Denver Center for the Performing Arts – the plays the thing!

4. “I don’t always joke around but when I do, I go overboard!”