Molly McLaurin

Molly is our wonderful Project Manager at Agilutions. She is passionate about working with clients to help them solve their problems and improve their processes. She also loves software & technology so it is exciting to continue to learn more about netFORUM and all that it can do.

More about Molly…

1. What is your greatest challenge?
Sitting near the kitchen. So much snacking!

2. Where do you find inspiration?
In my professional life, I find inspiration working with intelligent, hard-working, and motivated colleagues. In my personal life, I find inspiration in spending time in nature.

3. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
The Monday lunches. We take turns bringing in lunch for the office and it’s always fun to eat whatever our colleagues have made, and in turn, I love cooking for people!

4. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
I love to ski in the winter and hike in the summer. Most weekends you will find me in the mountains. I also love to read, bake, fly fish, and spend time outdoors.