Parker Caskey

Originally from Murfreesboro TN and a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Parker began his career as a software developer at AssociationVoice before coming to Agilutions.

He is a very talented and thorough developer who joined our team because he was seeking a positive and exciting work environment. Parker found the casual and collaborative culture at Agilutions attractive and enjoys helping clients achieve success by paying close attention to their requirements to ensure our solutions deliver useful features that fit their specific business needs.

His fans and local paparazzi often spot him at The Molecule Effect, on his bike or riding powder in the Rockies.

More about Parker…

1. What is your preferred way of being recognized?
Coffee, Beer, Whiskey!

2. What is your favorite show?
The Office, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy & Game of Thrones

3. What are you hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Hiking, boarding (snow/wake/long), camping, bicycling, happy hour’ing

4. What law would you implement to save the environment?
Mandatory Recycling – penalties for violators