John Ramirez

John is our newest solutions coach developer. He spent a large part of his professional career building microprocessors for a major chip manufacturer. After quitting his job, he took a large chunk of time off to spend the summer with his kids, watched an insane amount of baseball, took up swimming, and wrote code for fun. His dream was to return to work doing software development for a software company, and his dream came true! We are lucky to have him a part of the team.

More about John…

1. Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration when traveling and pondering all the wonderful possibilities life offers,
in watching human interest stories, and in reading books.

2. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
I like taking walks around town or in the mountains, watching baseball (especially the SF Giants), reading, and playing strategy games when possible.

3. What is your greatest challenge?
So many good beers but only so many grey cells left …

4. What is your favorite part about Agilutions?
So far, it’s the beer refrigerator, obviously.