Solutions Coaches


Amanda Fortner

Solutions Coach

Madame Cruise Director

Amanda is a Project Manager for Agilutions. She shamelessly leverages her association background to help clients understand all the different roles that netFORUM can play in their daily work and in their highest aspirations. She’s happiest when she’s got a mess to organize.

Amanda grew up in Wyoming/Montana and almost decided to stay there with her family to run heavy equipment and run away from bears, but the siren song of the big city took her east to Washington, D.C. for nearly ten years. While she was there, she learned that she didn’t really love politics or humidity, but did love the association world and the systems they use to accomplish their goals. She enjoys being back at altitude, back in the west, and having a new set of colleagues to pull pranks on.

1. I don’t always know what I’m doing, but when I do, I throw a party for the sheer novelty of the occurrence.

2. What are your hobbies outside the J.O.B?
Running, reading, brunching at all hours of the day.

3. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
Having the client call and sound confused because everything is working exactly as they intended.

4. What is your greatest challenge?


Andrew Becker

Solutions Coach

Welcoming Andrew as one of our newest developers to Agilutions, recently graduated right down the block at Metro State University, and has come to Agilutions to escape the monotony of a more corporatized work environment. Andrew lives by the work hard play hard lifestyle, always trying his best to exceed work expectations while enjoying life. Andrew enjoys being challenged, whether it be through determining specific client needs or solving a hard code related task. That is why we hired him on to the Agilutions team!

More about Andrew…

What is your favorite show, movie, game, series etc.
Without question, Game of thrones

Where do you find inspiration?
By being surrounded by people who are more skilled and intelligent, encouraging me to better myself in the process.

What is your greatest challenge?
Understanding the strange world that we live in.

What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
The spectacular office and atmosphere

“I don’t always write in all caps but when I do, I hold the shift key instead of using caps lock.”


Caitlin Gardiner

Solutions Coach

Caitlin is getting her Bachelors in Organizational Psychology and minoring in Art History at Metro State University. Education is her top priority and she is making sure to set her future up for success. Her involvement at Agilutions pushes her to be creative and incorporate what she is learning in school with the aspects of the business. A native of Colorado she enjoys watching the city grow, what she doesn’t enjoy is the traffic. Everything is working out for her though.

More about Caitlin…

1. What is your favorite perk about Agilutions?
The people I get to work with. It isn’t easy finding those who enjoy weird as much as I do.

2. What are your hobbies outside of work?
Riding my bike and Spinning. Spin, Spin baby.

3. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
Hugs, high fives if you’re not into hugs and cheers at happy hour

4. What is your favorite show?
I could binge watch the Netflix series The O A over and over again!

5. “Everything is always working out for me, even when it is not”


Devlynn Rodriguez

Solutions Coach

Devlynn is our newest software developer to join our team in 2017. She is a Colorado native and adorer of architecture and a CSU graduate. She can say thank you in 9 languages. She like tasty food, crafting, rock climbing, and playing with her nieces. Not only is she excited to be a part of the team but we are thankful to have her as our newbie.

More about Devlynn

1. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
Dark Chocolate

2. What is your greatest challenge?
Making sure what I’m saying makes sense to anyone else.

3. Where do you find inspiration?

4. What is your favorite perk about Agilutions?
Friday lunch


Ed Schultz

Solutions Coach

Ed handles the business and financial management aspects of Agilutions and basically works with clients and outside resources to ensure that the great work of the Agilutionaires translates into rewards for the team’s fine efforts.
He grew up on the East Coast, travelled widely, and has had business experience throughout much of the world working with large, medium and up and coming companies, such as Agilutions. As he and his wife were interested in moving to Denver to be closer to their children, he was lucky enough to meet up with Agilutions where great things happen to great clients!

More about Ed…

1. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
Walks with Stephen Spruce and Denver, particularly location in LODO.

2. What is your greatest challenge?
Keeping in physical shape against enjoying food.

3. New favorite shows to watch?
My new one is the Denver Center for the Performing Arts – the plays the thing!

4. “I don’t always joke around but when I do, I go overboard!”


Erin Lemons

Solutions Coach

Erin, better known as “Lemons,” comes to us with a diverse background in marketing, project and event management. After almost eight years working at an award-winning, fast-paced, environmental advertising agency, she shifted gears in 2013 to try her hand at a career in software. Lemons comes to Agilutions after serving over four years at the Abila headquarters, focusing heavily on the annual customer conference and lead generation. She is passionate about serving the association and nonprofit communities, and uses her love for people and dedication to these industries, to champion the Agilutions marketing and business development efforts.

More about Lemons…

1. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
I really love being outside and most activities that encompass soaking in that fresh Colorado air. My favorite activities include running, hiking, fly fishing, camping and riding my one-of-a-kind Surly Pacer to nearby breweries or to Rockies games. I spent over a decade in Austin, Texas, so live music is in my blood. I’m not a music snob and certainly no kind of expert, I just love dancing and soaking in all that energy. I especially like to explore the dark, dingy, “hole in the wall” venues that Denver has to offer. I also make the trek to Austin every Fall for the annual Austin City Limits Festival—2017 will mark my tenth consecutive attendance!

2. Where do you find inspiration?
I was raised in a very small farming community in the Texas Panhandle called Wellington. This is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone—including your dog and all the grandkid’s names and birthdays. It’s a wonderful place to grow up and a large majority of my family and friends still live there today. I find inspiration in knowing I have such a strong and loving support system back home, who give me the courage to spread my wings, explore new things (like moving to the “big city,”) and find my own path—even if it’s very different from life in rural Texas.

3. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
There’s a very special energy that hits you when you enter the Agilutions office. It’s more than just the beer fridge and the free lunches and the trendy Downtown space, it’s the people who greet you on the other side. I really enjoy the team and feel honored to work alongside to such savvy and truly interesting people.

4. “I don’t always say ‘watch this’ but when I do, it’s epic!”


John Ramirez

Solutions Coach

John is our newest solutions coach developer. He spent a large part of his professional career building microprocessors for a major chip manufacturer. After quitting his job, he took a large chunk of time off to spend the summer with his kids, watched an insane amount of baseball, took up swimming, and wrote code for fun. His dream was to return to work doing software development for a software company, and his dream came true! We are lucky to have him a part of the team.

More about John…

1. Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration when traveling and pondering all the wonderful possibilities life offers,
in watching human interest stories, and in reading books.

2. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
I like taking walks around town or in the mountains, watching baseball (especially the SF Giants), reading, and playing strategy games when possible.

3. What is your greatest challenge?
So many good beers but only so many grey cells left …

4. What is your favorite part about Agilutions?
So far, it’s the beer refrigerator, obviously.


Molly McLaurin

Solutions Coach

Molly is our wonderful Project Manager at Agilutions. She is passionate about working with clients to help them solve their problems and improve their processes. She also loves software & technology so it is exciting to continue to learn more about netFORUM and all that it can do.

More about Molly…

1. What is your greatest challenge?
Sitting near the kitchen. So much snacking!

2. Where do you find inspiration?
In my professional life, I find inspiration working with intelligent, hard-working, and motivated colleagues. In my personal life, I find inspiration in spending time in nature.

3. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
The Monday lunches. We take turns bringing in lunch for the office and it’s always fun to eat whatever our colleagues have made, and in turn, I love cooking for people!

4. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
I love to ski in the winter and hike in the summer. Most weekends you will find me in the mountains. I also love to read, bake, fly fish, and spend time outdoors.


Robert Mazza

Solutions Coach

Born and raised in Andover, MA (suburb of Boston, MA), then moved to Chicago, IL for 10 years. While in Chicago he spent several years co-owning a New England style seafood restaurant, with an east coast fish shack vibe. Bob did a variety of tasks at his restaurant, including learning everything about Lobsters. After deciding he had enough of the chaotic restaurant business he went back to software development and has been loving it. For the past year Bob was a developer at NCC Media in downtown Chicago. He made the move to Denver in August 2017, and is looking forward to taking advantage of what Denver has to offer. We are extremely excited to have Bob join the Agilutions team and get back into to his true passion of work.

More about Bob…

Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Gaming, exploring new breweries and breakfast places, watching sports (Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots), and believe it or not I still like coding outside of the job.

Where do you find inspiration?
Listening to people speak, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk, some Ted Talks, etc.

What is your greatest challenge?
Not eating junk food and staying in somewhat decent shape.

“I don’t always dance but when I do it’s awful…


Robin Rasco

Agile Coach

Robin comes to Agilutions with a background in teaching, technology, and diverse office situations. She feels fortunate that this combination of experience has led her to working as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach and facilitator in the last nine years, helping teams reach their goals of producing the best software they can. She believes agile methodologies create environments that enable teams to better communicate, collaborate, and produce the highest outcomes possible, making for a happier office and even happier clients.

1. What is your favorite show, movie, game, series etc.
The last show binge-watched was The Great British Baking Show

2. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Rummaging through thrift stores, tinkering on the ukulele, and deck dinners with friends

3. Where do you find inspiration?
Podcasts. Current favorites are On Being, Freakonomics, Note to Self, Hidden Brain, All Songs Considered… so many great ones, not enough time…

4. What is your greatest challenge?
Not talking out loud to myself


Sean Tosh

Solutions Coach

Sean is the latest in a long line of mighty software developers, to join Agilutions. With aspirations of continuing the proud lineage of development excellence, he fled Alabama to join the team and seek new, greater possibilities for himself and his family. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, including criminal justice development work for the state of Alabama, EHR software development, IT support work, and even running a tattoo shop for some time, Sean is thrilled to set sail on a longer voyage, with Agilutions.

More about Sean…

Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Tabletop RPGs, Real-Time Strategy and Action / Adventure games. Reading, reading, reading: Heaps of Science Fiction and Fantasy, the occasional non-fiction book that catches my interest, and professional & skill-building books. Physical fitness and meditation.

Where do you find inspiration?
In the masterful writing of a good book; the epic moments in a good show or movie; witnessing the amazing moments, of unexpected awe, that nature presents; following some powerful and world-changing figures and their incredible exploits (Richard Branson, Elon Musk, et al.)

What is your greatest challenge?
Maintaining focus in the moment and resisting the urge to constantly look forward to the next problem or task.

What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
One does not simply choose a single perk! (Hah! Memes.) Seriously, though – I’m in love with the general atmosphere, of the office space: Good vibes all around and an environment made to inspire.


Barb Kilzer

Solutions Coach

Director of Creative Influence

Barb works at Agilutions as a Project Manager. Her positive, creative, and go-getter attitude makes her a great fit for the team at Agilutions.

Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, Barb earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication from the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota. She then moved to Denver, CO and received a second Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. After completing a marketing internship and also working as an interior designer in Denver, Barb was ready to switch gears and join the team at Agilutions.

Barb enjoys learning about the needs of our clients and putting together project plans that allow for project goals to be met. Barb also uses her creative background to assist with Agilutions’ marketing efforts, and she also enjoys working closely with the team on website-related projects.

More about Barb…

1. What is your greatest challenge?
Finding enough leg room on airplanes.

2. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Gardening, Quilting, Fly Fishing, Reading, hanging out on Denver patios, traveling

3. “I don’t always Ride my Scooter to Work but when I do I Get Free Parking…”

4. What your favorite part about Agilutions?
My awesome coworkers


Bob Henegar

Solutions Coach

Grand Poobah of Programming

Bob has been working with (and occasionally breaking) netFORUM since 2013, and he is dedicated to working with Agilutions clients to improve processes and get the best out of their systems. Bob brings with him the experience of running an entire IT department.

Bob once had dreams of being the finest restaurateur in his home state of North Carolina, but after his wife kicked all of his computer gear out of their guest room, he dedicated himself to a career in technology. He earned certifications from Novell and Microsoft and began dabbling in every IT role he could find, from network administration to programming and writing certification management software. After serving several years as an IT Department Director, Bob decided that his true love was programming; he came to Agilutions where he could get back to the day-to-day business of producing software solutions.

More about Bob…

1. What is your greatest challenge?
Craft Beer

2. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?

3. Where do you find inspiration?
Tabloids at the grocery store

4. “I don’t always count but when I do I count to potato”


Catherine Cook

Solutions Coach

netFORUM Cruise Director

Catherine’s listening skills and patience are her keys to understanding exactly what Agilutions clients’ want. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Her business experience with associations enables her to understand how netFORUM can help clients achieve their goals. She enjoys working at Agilutions because it nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit and skilled workforce, and she enjoys a new challenge each day.

These days, her priority is her daughter. Having a child with special needs means every day is centered around getting her through the day with some success regardless if you’re at the office, traveling for work or at home. Outside of the kid responsibilities, she trys to make the most out of the time for work and every once in a while she is able to squeeze in a little “me” time.

More about Catharine…

1. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
The kiddo takes most (almost all) of my spare time these days but when I do have free time my favorite things are hiking, yoga, travel, going out to eat and spending time with friends.

2. “I don’t always work every day in the office but when I do I like to go out for a beer afterwards with coworkers.

3. What is your favorite show?
Right now Netflix because of the good selections for kids and the fact that everything is on demand. However, once Game of Thrones returns, HBO may need to be added to the cable channels.

4. Where do you find inspiration?
Being outside in nature, preferably on a warm and sunny beach.


Dan Putrino

Solutions Coach

Duke of Quality

Dan is our QA Analyst, helping our clients achieve success by being an end-user advocate for each project. His understanding of the development process, and the challenges that arise therein, equip him well to review each iteration to ensure the project is moving forward overall. Dan comes to us from Philly, where he gained 15 years of interactive media experience in the entertainment industry, after earning his BS degree in Media, Communications and Technology from East Stroudsburg University. He joined Agilutions to succeed and grow in the software industry–enjoying positive interactions with both coworkers and clients– while being in an environment that encourages collaboration and camaraderie not found in other work places.

More about Dan…

1. Hobbies outside the J.O.B?
Musician, Skier, husband and father.

2. Where do you find inspiration?
The great outdoors

3. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
Agilutions is one of the best places I’ve ever worked. Everyone has respect for each other and works together as a team to accomplish our client’s goals.



Dana Blumenthal

Solutions Coach

Code Craftsman

Born and raised on the left coast, Dana loves to learn, and has been a passionate builder, tinkerer, and problem solver since he built his first computer at age 10. In his own words, he’s a “washed up hippy from Santa Cruz with a Bachelors in History and a way with computers”.
Dana joined Agilutions in early 2016 as a software developer and has been relentlessly whipping code into shape to serve his Agilutions clients since day one. When he’s not busy producing super-clean code, you’ll likely find him somewhere in the foothills on his mountain bike.

More about Dana…

1. Give a little sneak peek into your life…
Code, ski, bike, Wikipedia. Rinse and Repeat

2. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
The heads of my vanquished enemies on a spike.

3. What is your leading role here at Agilutions?
Keep the engine purring

4. What is your favorite part about Agilutions?
Free gum!




Solutions Coach

Office Mascot

Dexter is our dutiful office mascot. Always agreeable, always there to greet us with a smile, Dexter is a key member of our team—providing an unmatched level of patience and the ability to stay calm under pressure. His primary role at Agilutions is to sleep, trip people, and provide subtle amusement to our team. Dexter was adopted from Chicago but has quickly become a Colorado loyalist, and enjoys being part of Agilutions for the scraps of organic food that we occasionally drop on “Takeout Fridays.”
More about Dexter…

What word do you overuse? Woof

Who is your favorite fictional superhero?

What famous person were you in a past life
Albert Einstein

What is your favorite feel-good 80’s movie?
Howard the Duck

If you could live during any time period, which would it be?
Here, in the present


Parker Caskey

Solutions Coach

Originally from Murfreesboro TN and a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Parker began his career as a software developer at AssociationVoice before coming to Agilutions.

He is a very talented and thorough developer who joined our team because he was seeking a positive and exciting work environment. Parker found the casual and collaborative culture at Agilutions attractive and enjoys helping clients achieve success by paying close attention to their requirements to ensure our solutions deliver useful features that fit their specific business needs.

His fans and local paparazzi often spot him at The Molecule Effect, on his bike or riding powder in the Rockies.

More about Parker…

1. What is your preferred way of being recognized?
Coffee, Beer, Whiskey!

2. What is your favorite show?
The Office, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy & Game of Thrones

3. What are you hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Hiking, boarding (snow/wake/long), camping, bicycling, happy hour’ing

4. What law would you implement to save the environment?
Mandatory Recycling – penalties for violators


Patrick McWhinnie

Solutions Coach

Development Harmony Ambassador

Pat is a Technical Lead and developer, whose strengths are on the data and netFORUM toolkit sides of the equation. He uses his expertise to anticipate client’s needs and streamline business processes.

Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Pat graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance emphasis. He spent several years supporting billing system conversions and upgrades for cable and telco companies. Eventually, he was ready for a new challenge, and found Agilutions’ culture and innovative approach the right match. Having worked with netFORUM since 2008, Patrick draws on an array of experiences to improve solutions for many different needs.

More about Patrick…

1. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
The dedication to protecting our office culture.

2. Where do you find inspiration?
Right before deadlines

3. What is your greatest challenge?
Ignoring grammar and usage errors (Seriously…it’s a curse.)

4. What are your hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Playing with Master Hugh, skiing, listening to and seeing live music, beer and local brewery appreciation

5. “I don’t always ride my bike to work. But when I do, I break land speed records.


Stephen Spruce

Head Coach

Admitted process junkie with a passion for certification

Stephen Spruce co-founded Agilutions believing that even the most complex processes can be broken into smaller and more manageable goals. His dedication to streamlining approaches to achieve success isn’t surprising considering his diverse background.

After serving in the U.S. Army, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Then he designed and developed software for Hewlett-Packard in such exotic locations as Spain, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, and Norway. Eventually, he returned to Colorado, joining BoldTech Systems as a senior consultant. Stephen then became technical lead and architect for Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards where he led one of the first successful full iWeb/eWeb implementations of a non-Avectra netFORUM project.

His passion for the business of certification management and how to use agile software methodologies to solve their most complex challenges. That’s what drives Agilutions to be the best it can be. He makes sure everyone has something to do and his happy about doing it.

More about Stephen…

1. What is your favorite show?
PBS Antique Roadshow

2. Where do you find inspiration?
Watching my daughters grow up and find their own passions in life.

3. What is your favorite part about Agilutions?
How much everyone likes working here and has everyone’s back

4. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
Baseball games!

5. “I don’t always cry but when I do I do it watching the Olympics.”


Trina Wallingford

Solutions Coach

Chief Systems Sorceress

Katrina Wallingford, referred to by Agilutionaries as “Triners”, former “data queen”, “Zen Goddess” or “Number 1”, is a Colorado raised, mother of an adult child, primordial netForum developer who enjoys anything made with jeans, flowy, colorful tops and wraps, flexitarian cooking, wire wrapping, martial arts, voracious reading, politics, metaphysics, beaches and travel. Trina is short (ahem – short for Katrina).
She is a developer and data conversion expert who understands how to best use the netFORUM database structure to build successful systems. In fact, she understands the software so well that she can create a query about as fast as a new user looks up one table She enjoys working with Agilutions because she helps organizations align their IT efforts through more automated and streamlined business processes.

More about Trina…

1. What is your preferred way to be recognized?
Thoughtfulness and cash. Cold hard American $$. A girl’s gotta travel and retire…

2. Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?
Writing, teaching and inspiring.

3. Where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration finds me.

4. What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?
Beer Fridge & PTO. Love you people, I also love other people and I like to spend time out of the office hanging with them.