Our History

We Expect Standing Ovations

We are Agilutionaries, and hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Our passion and commitment to those we serve have given us the long-standing reputation of consultants who care — and consultants who hug. The people and projects we serve are that important to us.

Many of the Agilutions team members hail from certification organizations where they, too, encountered common day-to-day challenges of today’s certifying organizations. We recognize the demands of your program and strive to identify and understand your business needs better than you do. Our goal with any project is to deliver beyond expectation. The “wow” factor is not enough for us — we have come to expect standing ovations.

Improving the Quality of Work One Client at a Time

Our Co-founder and CEO, Stephen Spruce, founded Agilutions to give focus to certification programs and organizations who were continually being underserved by the industry. He began working on the Credentialing Engine™ while managing the certification program at CFP Board. His longtime commitment to certification and understanding the essential needs of certifying organizations is the foundation on which he built Agilutions.

Year after year and project after project, our clients continue to solicit our help and expertise. They have come to value the caring and nurturing way we manage our projects, but also our commitment to delivering work-changing technology solutions.

Meet the team that makes magic happen.
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