We Play Nice With Everyone

There are many attractive and feature-rich technologies on the market today. You want and need many of them to support your mission. Count on us to help you manage your third-party integrations with ease.

NetForum Enterprise™ and the Credentialing Engine™ are both highly-configurable solutions that we can customize to integrate and play nice with most-third-party systems.

Integrations can Improve Your Organization’s Performance

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We engineer integration points that push notifications and grant access to content. By leveraging the integrated power of your AMS and LMS solutions:

  • Course completion results can be shared
  • Online courses can be purchased
  • Continuing education credits can be awarded

Content Management Systems

Your content management system houses both member and non-member content, along with dynamic data stored deep in your AMS. Single Sign-On allows an integrated experience to protect member data and add value. Content Management Systems integrations also allow for dynamic data created for your public website to be managed within your NetForum instance.

Event Management Systems

Ensure event success by managing your registration data effortlessly and efficiently. This integration will allow you to learn more about your attendees. By collecting registrant data — beyond just a name and e-mail address — you can intimately connect with conference-goers. At the same time, you can generate and collect event fees with minimal setup.


Digital badging is becoming more and more popular among credentialing professionals and certification-seekers. We can integrate with digital badging companies to push completion notifications. Certificants can then display their accomplishments in their online “backpacks” through multiple platforms.

Exam Administration Vendors

This integration allows the application experience to transition seamlessly between applicants, staff, and testing providers. We can automate the delivery of an Authorization To Test (ATT) to applicants and testing providers, and we can facilitate the delivery of exam results and scores back to the certifying organization. For staff who want to be more hands-on, they can insert manual audit and decision points into the application cycle.

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