Andrew Becker


Software Developer

Speed Racer

I don't always write in all caps, but when I do, I hold the 'Shift' key instead of using 'Caps Lock.'

Andrew graduated just down the block from the Agilutions offices at Metro State University, and has come to Agilutions to escape the monotony of a more corporatized work environment. Andrew lives by the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle, and is always trying his best to exceed work expectations, while still enjoying life. Andrew enjoys being challenged, whether it be through determining specific client needs or solving a hard code-related task. His thirst for knowledge and solving problems makes him a perfect fit for our team!

What is your favorite show, movie, game, series etc.

Without question, Game of Thrones

Where do you find inspiration?

By being surrounded by people who are more skilled and intelligent, encouraging me to better myself in the process.

What is your greatest challenge?

Understanding the strange world that we live in.

What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?

The spectacular office and atmosphere