Barb Kilzer


Project Owner

Fear of Birds and Vacuum Cleaners

I don't always Ride my Scooter to Work, but when I do, I Get Free Parking..."

Barb works at Agilutions as a Project Owner. Her positive, creative, and go-getter attitude makes her a great fit for the team.

Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, Barb earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication from the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota. She then moved to Denver, CO and received a second Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. After completing a marketing internship and also working as an interior designer in Denver, Barb was ready to switch gears and join the team at Agilutions.

Barb enjoys learning about the needs of our clients and putting together project plans that allow for project goals to be met. Barb also uses her creative background to assist with Agilutions’ marketing efforts, and she also enjoys working closely with the team on website-related projects.

What is your greatest challenge?

Finding enough leg room on airplanes.

Hobbies outside of the J.O.B?

Gardening, Quilting, Fly Fishing, Reading, hanging out on Denver patios, traveling

What your favorite part about Agilutions?

My awesome coworkers