As Chief Technical Officer, Bob leads our implementation teams to translate our clients needs into technical solutions. Additionally in his role as CTO he works with our developers to ensure we meet the high technical standards our clients deserve.

Originally from North Carolina and lived there all of his life up until joining the Agilutions team in 2015.

Bob got his start in technology when a family member told his wife that the only way she was going to get him to stop converting the guest room into a computer lab was if she convinced him to quit his job in the restaurant industry and pursue certifications that could get him an IT job. Bob got certifications from Novell and Microsoft and In the 20+ years since then Bob has filed most roles in IT. Most of the 90s were spent doing various contract work from network administration and programming for organizations all over the southeast US. In ‘99 Bob was working for a small software consulting firm that was awarded the contract to write a certification management software solution for the National Board for Certified Counselors. That engagement led to him joining NBCC in 2005 where Bob stayed for another 9 years. During that time Bob rose to the position of Director of IT where in 2013 he oversaw the transition from the certification management solution he had written to netForum. Always a programmer at heart when the opportunity to return to producing software solutions for credentialing organizations presented itself he couldn’t resist.

Bob believes in challenging the notion of “well that’s the way we’ve always done it.” There are very few processes that have been in place for more than a couple of years that can’t be improved when you reevaluate them in their current context.

What is your greatest challenge?

Craft Beer

Hobbies outside of the job?

Kayaking and drone flying

Where do you find inspiration?

Tabloids at the grocery store