Cathy Cook


Senior Business Analyst and Trainer

I Can Herd Cats

I don’t always work in the office every day, but when I do, I like to go out with coworkers for a beer afterwards."

Catherine’s listening skills and patience are her keys to understanding exactly what Agilutions clients want. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, her business experience with associations enables her to understand how NetForum can help clients achieve their goals. She enjoys working at Agilutions because it nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit and skilled workforce, and she enjoys a new challenge each day.

These days, her priority is her daughter. Having a child with special needs means every day is centered around getting her through the day with some success, regardless if I’m at the office, traveling for work or at home. Outside of the kid responsibilities, Cathy tries to make the most out of her time for work, and every once ,in a while, she is able to squeeze in a little “me” time.

Hobbies outside of the job?

The kiddo takes most (almost all) of my spare time these days, but when I do have free time, my favorite things are hiking, yoga, travel, going out to eat and spending time with friends.

What is your favorite show?

Currently, Netflix, because of the good selections for kids and the fact that everything is on demand. However, once “Game of Thrones” returns, HBO may need to be added to the cable channels.

Where do you find inspiration?

Being outside in nature, preferably on a warm and sunny beach.