Grant Knowlton, PMP


Director or Solutions Delivery

That's Interesting...

I don’t always have a hard time making lemons into lemonade, but when I do, it ends up being a whisky with a rock..."

Grant grew up in South Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing emphasis) from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He moved to Denver in 2005.

Grant comes to Agilutions with 11 years of association experience. He has worked in membership, marketing, education, and more. The last five years with the association was spent as an IT Project Manager. From here, he was able to discover a passion for helping people troubleshoot their issues, build projects to help enhance and provide efficiencies for their work life and the association’s members.

Grant looks forward to working with clients to provide the best solutions to meet their needs and the needs of their stakeholder base.

What change are you going to bring to the world?

I love to learn, and hopefully I can set an example to those around me that you should never stop learning. The more you learn, the more appreciation you’ll have for the people and environment around you. Know more. Learn more. Be more.

What is your favorite show, movie, game, series etc.

There are too many, but if had to choose only one … The Goonies

Hobbies outside of the job?

They aren’t really hobbies, but I like to focus on: Family, Friends, Food & Drink

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from people in my life, especially through my wife and son. My wife reminds me that we can tackle any challenge placed in front of us, and my son helps to remind me that every moment is the opportunity to learn, live, and love.

What is your greatest challenge?

Living in the moment…I love to plan and I love always having a plan, but you have to appreciate each moment too, and not get caught up in what will or might be. Also, I have a hard time passing on sweets