Max Riley


Software Developer

Mad Max

I don't always say something stupid, but when I do, I keep talking to make it worse."

Max grew up in a small town of 500 in northern California in a town called Guerneville. His family owned a 200-acre ranch that was over 100-years-old–It was quite an amazing place to grow up. But as you can imagine, with a two-mile long driveway, technology was not the first thing that he learned about. Fast forward 12 years and the family moved to a small town called Bodega Bay – If you know about Alfred Hitchcock, he filmed the movie “The Birds” in an old schoolhouse he could see from his bedroom window. This is where Max first learned about technology–By taking apart his father’s computer to see how it worked! Despite having a handful of extra parts, the machine still worked when he assembled it back together again!

It was from there, that Max disovered a very deep passion for technology, and soon discovered a career in coding and solution development. While it may seem intense at times and present it’s challenges, Max takes great pride in his work and really loves software development. He is constantly trying to find better ways to do things and always looking for ways to make himself better. He lives his life by a favorite quote by Pele: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” What change are you going to bring to the world? I want to change how we do everything. How we treat people and how we can become better people, in general. I want to do this not just for money or fame, but for the simple hope that people will have a better time and a better life.


Where do you find inspiration?

My son and wife, they teach me new things every day and its always unfiltered with 100% honesty.

What is your greatest challenge? Being a parent.

Nothing is more challenging that being a parent.

What do you do outside of the Job?

I love to work on my car and play with my son. Every weekend we have a baseball game and I love watching him smile and have fun. And I often times find my best ideas for how to do something under the hood. I’m a gear head in soul and body but sadly I tire out easy.

On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me…

Stumbling through the house looking for coffee or sitting on the deck drinking said coffee.

What are some causes you care about?

I love building for habitat for humanity, the work there was the most rewarding I’ve ever done. I’m also passionatte about education–My wife and I both feel very passionate about learning, and take it upon ourselves to keep teaching our son so he is well prepared for school.