Sean Tosh


Software Developer

Point O

I don’t always let the kid inside out, but when I do, I take on the mantle of captain of the adventure ship and everyone with me becomes part of the crew!"

Sean hails from a long line of mighty software developers, to join Agilutions. With aspirations of continuing the proud lineage of development excellence, he fled Alabama to join the team and seek new, greater possibilities for himself and his family. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, including criminal justice development work for the state of Alabama, EHR software development, IT support work, and even running a tattoo shop for some time, Sean is thrilled to set sail on a longer voyage, with Agilutions.

Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Movie – What’s your jam?

Cheesy pulp movies (Tarantino flicks, Turbo Kid, Dredd) Classic epics like Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind and The Abyss. Anything that makes me genuinely laugh or feel like a big kid: Mel Brooks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time!, Regular Show.

Hobbies outside of the job?

Tabletop RPGs, Real-Time Strategy and Action / Adventure games. Reading, reading, reading: Heaps of Science Fiction and Fantasy, the occasional non-fiction book that catches my interest, and professional & skill-building books. Physical fitness and meditation.

Where do you find inspiration?

In the masterful writing of a good book; the epic moments in a good show or movie; witnessing the amazing moments, of unexpected awe, that nature presents; following some powerful and world-changing figures and their incredible exploits (Richard Branson, Elon Musk, et al.)

What is your greatest challenge?

Maintaining focus in the moment and resisting the urge to constantly look forward to the next problem or task.

What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?

One does not simply choose a single perk! (Hah! Memes.) Seriously, though – I’m in love with the general atmosphere, of the office space: Good vibes all around and an environment made to inspire.