Trina Wallingford


Technical Owner

Resolving Her Identity


Katrina Wallingford, referred to by Agilutionaries as “Triners”, former “data queen”, “Zen Goddess” or “Number 1”, is a Colorado raised, mother of an adult child, primordial NetForum developer who enjoys anything made with jeans, flowy, colorful tops and wraps, flexitarian cooking, wire wrapping, martial arts, voracious reading, politics, metaphysics, beaches and travel. Trina is short (ahem – short for Katrina).

She is a developer and data conversion expert who understands how to best use the netFORUM database structure to build successful systems. In fact, she understands the software so well that she can create a query about as fast as a new user looks up one table. She enjoys working with Agilutions because she helps organizations align their IT efforts through more automated and streamlined business processes.

What is your preferred way to be recognized?

Thoughtfulness and cash. Cold hard American $$. A girl’s gotta travel and retire…

Hobbies outside of the job?

Writing, teaching and inspiring.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration finds me.

What is your favorite part or perk about Agilutions?

Beer Fridge & PTO. Love you people, but I also love other people, and I like to spend time out of the office hanging with them too.