The Credentialing Engine™


The Credentialing Engine™ Simplifies the Credentialing Process

The Credentialing Engine™ is the flagship product created by Agilutions certification experts. At its core, this product streamlines any certification process by serving as a task manager for both the applicant and the certifying organization.

The Credentialing Engine™ continually evaluates and observes the applicant’s progress, which changes based on their position in the certification process.

Credentialing Engine™ Benefits

  • Streamline the certification lifecycle by creating customized workflows to hand the process from initial application to retirement
  • Provides 360-deree view for applicants to self-monitor requirements and progress.
  • Store data in one, unified system, granting staff the ease of accessing a single interface, where information is just one click away
  • Create convenience for applicants by allowing them to apply online
  • Offer paperless processes
  • Review certification status form the customer profiles, prioritizing certificant whose credentials may be at risk of lapsing
  • Empower stakeholders to manage their own progress with step-by-step wizards to guide them through the application process, personalized to-do lists of open requirements, and total visibility into the process
  • Automatically generate renewal requirements based on certification type, and communicate them back to certificants via automated campaigns
  • Create targeted marketing emails and socialize with stakeholders
  • Generate affinity scores to rank applicant certificant activity
  • Integrate with testing providers and learning management systems (LMS)

It shouldn't be more difficult to manage a credential than to earn one.

With the Agilutions Credentialing Engine, create custom rules and automate the complete lifecycle of your certificants. From education, graduation, and initial application, to renewal and maintenance, the process of managing a credential program has never been easier and more efficient.

Manage Your Certficants From Graduation to Retirement


Personalized Certification Journey

By reviewing and understanding the specific requirements of each certification program, the engine creates a personalized checklist for users.

For example, as with Saturday morning errands, you can’t always accomplish everything just by visiting the grocery store. Instead, you may need to visit the gym, the repair shop, and the dry cleaners. Likewise, Credentialing Engine™ allows applicants and staff to follow unique paths and behaviors, depending on their certification needs.

Real-Time Updates to Applicant Profiles

The engine collects and stores data for each applicant. As the process continues, applicants can manage and update their profile in real time. It provides a 360-degree view of progress for your organization and applicants.

Applicants pursue certification for a variety of motivations including:

  • Maintaining professional credentials to continue practicing a job or trade
  • Seeking a new certification for career advancement
  • Growing their knowledge base and improving their skillset

To accommodate any and all applicants, regardless of their reasons for pursuing certification, we manage the entire life-cycle.

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