Credentialing Engine™ Features

The Credentialing Engine™ was Created by In-The-Trenches Certification Professionals, Like You

The Credentialing Engine™ uses in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices. We built it to understand and support the essential needs of your certifying organization.

Our co-founder and CEO, Stephen Spruce, developed the engine while managing the certification program at CFP Board. CFP had outgrown their current system, so he created custom solutions to meet its changing needs.

Spruce identified opportunities for internal improvement. He also created features that could be packaged together to assist other organizations. His efforts gave life to a feature-rich offering that is now known as The Credentialing Engine™.

Benefits of The Credentialing Engine™

The Credentialing Engine™ fulfills the unique and complex needs of individual organizations. Managing a credentialing process is simpler, so your staff can spend less time on administrative tasks. Instead, they can focus on furthering the mission of their organization.

Our clients receive the following features and benefits of The Credentialing Engine™:

Improved user experience

  • Create a transparent and seamless applicant experience
  • Customize online application workflow
  • Provide a 360-degree view to empower applicants to self-monitor requirements and progress
  • Increase customer self-service and satisfaction

Real-time tracking and monitoring

  • Generate affinity scores to rank certificant activity
  • Track and manage continuing education
  • Administer necessary and detailed documentation and reporting options
  • Create reminders and track automatic renewals and recertification
  • Manage reinstatements and certificant status

Operational advancements

  • Serve certification staff by understanding operational needs
  • Collect and secure data to produce meaningful analytics
  • Offer a paperless environment
  • Create targeted marketing e-mails and socialize with constituents
  • Integrate with testing providers and facilitate exam registration

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