Credentialing Engine™ & Your Association Management Software

Turning your World-Class AMS into a World-Class Credentialing Management Solution

The Credentialing Engine™ is a Credentialing Management Solution (CMS) and a rules-based module of the NetForum Enterprise™ Association Management System (AMS), made by Community Brands (formerly Abila). By combining their best-in-class AMS with our best-in-class CMS, certification staff leverage the technical capabilities of these two powerful solutions.

Built with the NetForum Toolkit, The Credentialing Engine™ was designed for reuse and extensibility, using development best practices. The result? A solution that goes to market faster, can be customized to your unique business process, and keeps your organization on the upgrade path.

With 30 modules, NetForum offers a world-class CRM system for retaining all your certificant and applicant information in one centralized database. It supports both internal staff operations through iWEB as well as external member-facing websites through eWEB.

Advantages of a Great Certification Management System.

The Credentialing Engine™ turns NetForum into a powerful tool that can more efficiently and effectively manage your certification program(s). Whether you’re just getting started with a credentialing program, or are well established and simply need to automate processes and empower your certificants, the Credentialing Engine™ can fit your organization’s needs.

By utilizing this world-class Certification Management System, clients quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of a solution designed specifically to focus on certification needs.

The Credentialing Engine™:

  • Streamlines the lifecycle for your organization’s certificants, creating customized workflows to handle the process from initial application to retirement
  • Houses data in one unified system, granting certification staff the ease of accessing a single interface, where information is just a click away
  • Creates convenience for members by allowing them to apply online
  • Empowers constituents to manage their own progress with step-by-step wizards to guide them through the application process, personalized to-do lists of open requirements, and total visibility into the process
  • Reviews membership and certification status from the customer profile, prioritizing members whose credentials may be at risk of lapsing
  • Automatically creates renewal requirements based on certification type, and communicates them back to members via automated campaigns

Agilutions created the Credentialing Engine™ to serve as a true partner extension to your certification program.

Gain a 360-Degree View of Your Certificant

The Credentialing Engine™ provides applicant and certification staff clear and easy views to monitor where each person stands in their certification process. Access to this information at the click of a button supports your staff’s communications with applicants and certificants, and also gives them the ability to easily identify those who might be stalled-out in the process. By providing this information online, your applicants and certificants can easily self-monitor their status, and see what information is needed for their application or maintenance cycle.

Integrated Systems streamline Management Processes

The Credentialing Engine™ uses NetForum’s extensive integration capability to allow for the tracking of certification-related customer data that may come from outside systems. Leveraging this integration functionality allows the Credentialing Engine to be the central source of record for all certification data including but not limited to exam attempts, scoring, credit accumulation, and approvals.

Learn how we successfully solve certification needs for organizations just like yours.