Credentialing Management Software

Credentialing Management Solutions for Member-based Organizations


Does your association or non-profit offer a certification program or continuing education component as part of your membership package? If so, a Credentialing Management Solution, or CMS, will make a positive impact on the health and efficiency of your program.

Today’s certifying organizations find themselves faced with a daunting balancing act.

  • Meet and maintain defined - often inflexible - certification standards
  • Have a membership base that expects the experience to be simple, transparent, and convenient
  • Work with outdated technology and cumbersome processes

A well-designed Credentialing Management Solution (CMS) is an essential part of your program. It’s the force that enables your team to manage the program with confidence. Simultaneously, you empower applicants with more visibility and participation in the certification process.

How Does Your Certification Process Measure Up? The Agilutions TRUSTFUL Credential Process Scorecard™

Years of working with leading certification organizations and experts have given us unparalleled visibility into what works. We offer industry-leading best practices to streamline internal facilitation of your programs. Our team creates the kind of experience that keeps members engaged, informed, and coming back.

Our proven approach is more than an evaluation tool — it’s the foundation upon which we have built our technology.

  • Transparent: Process steps and milestones are well documented, and applicants track the status of their application in real time. Applicant and certification staff share a 360-degree view of the applicant journey, and stakeholders stay well informed and can self-service their needs.
  • Reliable: Each application is processed the same, standard-based way.
  • User-friendly: The process is intuitive and free of unnecessary steps. Applicants can complete it with little to no staff intervention. They can track progress without contacting the organization for updates.
  • Secure: Data is collected and stored securely. Discrete tracking is essential, so any sensitive data is accessible only to appropriate staff.
  • Timely: The process does not take longer than necessary, as there are no arbitrary delays or workarounds due to the peculiarities of legacy systems.
  • Fair: There are no artificial barriers to completing the process, which does not favor a particular type of applicant.
  • Unbiased: Applications are reviewed on qualifications alone. Reviewer decisions are recorded and accountable. Process requirements are based on standards.
  • Legally Defensible: All steps and decisions follow due process. Applicants have the option to appeal, so that the organization can withstand legal scrutiny, while building long-term value in the overall credentialing program.

See How Your Certification Program Stacks Up.

Download the Agilutions TRUSTFUL Model and Scorecard.