Implementing the Credentialing Engine™

Credentialing Expertise that Drives your Success

Our technical experts have years of experience managing a multitude of successful NetForum Enterprise™ and Credentialing Engine™ implementations. And, we’ve been a Community Brands Certified Implementation Partner since 2005. Beyond our technical expertise, the Agilutions team prides itself on our ability to identify, understand, and solve complex certification needs.

As experts in delivering solutions, we understand that the needs of each organization are unique. We use an eight-step process to ensure implementation success for organizations, both big and small.

Solve Complex Certification Needs With Innovative, Proven Processes and Techniques

We have developed a series of tools that are flexible enough to fit any client and any certification. These tools help identify paths and requirements, milestones and options. We have found through years of client interaction that some things are best expressed in a picture. These visuals help clarify processes that can often be lengthy and complicated.

Using these tools, Agilutions works closely with our clients to build out credentialing processes that fit our TRUSTFUL Credential Process.

Process matrix to identify application types and requirements

The process matrix is a tool that allows our credentialing experts to work directly with clients to take inventory of various application types and identify any and all application paths to a credential.

By displaying application paths in a grid, Agilutions can see requirements, statuses, and milestones more clearly.

Status diagrams to map the applicant journey through the credentialing process

Status diagrams are a visual representation of the applicant path as they navigate through the milestones and checkpoints of an application. A typical diagram might include milestones like “in progress”, “submitted”, “under review”, and “you’re certified!”

Workflow diagrams to describe the actions necessary in each step

Workflow diagrams are essential for both the applicant experience and the necessary staff functions. These diagrams clearly display the interaction and experience of the human ‘actors’ in the system, as well as the business logic that collects data and enforces the rules.

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