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Agilutions is proud to offer powerful Credentialing Management Systems designed to keep you ready for the future with new tools as your business grows and changes. 

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CredHQ Certification Management

How can CredHQ™ certification management software help your business?

CredHQ™ is a full-featured, credentialing management solution, packaged with the
technical and credentialing expertise of Agilutions. 

Let CredHQ do the work! Agilutions' powerful Credentialing Engine and supporting workflow management will automate your business processes.
Relationship Management
CredHQ helps you manage individuals and organizations, and the complex ways they can be related to each other.
Reviews, Comments and Communication
Assign reviewers, leave comments, and send email communications. In CredHQ, your customers will always know where they are in the process.
Exam Management
Manage your exams within CredHQ. Our system easily exports registration lists and imports rosters and scores, triggering the completion of application requirements.
Online User Portals
Don’t make your users search for what they need. When a user logs into their CredHQ online portal, they will have easy access to their relevant content.
Executive Dashboards & Reports
See how your programs are doing at-a-glance. Throughout CredHQ you will have access to configurable charts and reports to provide you high-level data and trends.
Certification Management Software by CredHQ

More than just
Certification Management

CredHQ is a full-featured, certification management solution packaged with our technical and credentialing expertise. In short, it's people plus technology, designed FOR certification experts BY certification experts.

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Our Strategy & Insight + Our TechnologyThe Best of Both Worlds

The Business of Certification is more than an exam. It’s about focusing on ALL stakeholders – Candidates, Certificants, board members, volunteers, partners, the general public – and how to best serve them. 

And growing your program requires engaging a larger ecosystem of partners who prepare future Candidates, employ Certificants, and drive thought leadership that defines your industry. Is technology limiting your possibilities? Meet the team and learn how the technology creates possibilities for you.

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CredHQ Credentialing Software
What can Agilutions do for your organization?

Their business. Their words.

"I like working with Agilutions because they are highly skilled at implementing the right software for our needs, and understand the unique aspects of our association. I also appreciate that they are professional, yet easy to work with – a rare find in the industry."

Trevor Mitchell
Executive Director/ CEO,
American Mensa

"We love working with Agilutions. They respond very quickly, and can help us with all things NetForum, from setup to eWeb enhancements. They're always willing to troubleshoot, and they have a wealth of 'best practice' knowledge that we can use!"

Rhoda Chari
Senior Manager, Membership Services and Database Administrator

American Spanish Language Hearing Association

"Agilutions is one of my favorite vendor partners. I consider them a strategic asset to my association. They embrace our objectives as their own, and work side-by-side with us to achieve them..."

Mike Guerrieri
Information Technology Director

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