Learn more about how CredHQ can help bolster your programs:


Provide education programs and training courses that prepare Applicants to meet the standards of Certification.

Provide Educational Content that maps to the Certification Domain Areas and creates CE opportunities for Certificants.

Firms that employ Candidates and Certificants and collaborate on the growth of the Industry.

Facilities that have demonstrated their ability to meet industry specific requirements and standards that serve and protect the Certification Domain Areas.

CredHQ is the central database to manage the B2B relationships that make up the Business of Certification EcoSystem.

  1. Registered Program Applicants and Renewals
  2. Track Program Curriculum and Faculty
  3. Track and upload Student Rosters
  1. Track Employee Roster and Certification Status
  2. Sponsor Employee Applicants and Renewals
  3. Pre-purchase and assign Exam Vouchers
  1. Course Provider Applications and Renewals
  2. Pre-Approve Courses for CE Credit
  3. Upload Course Rosters to apply CE Credit
  1. Accredited Facility Applications and Renewals
  2. Track meeting of Standards Criteria and Deficiencies
  3. Track qualifying Contacts and responsibilities

In today’s market, traditional certification boards need to go beyond the exam or the candidate and leverage all relationships and opportunities to deliver on Mission.

We have seen successful certification boards grow to encompass traditional business elements such as:

  • Registered Programs (pipeline)
  • Sponsored Certification (Corporate Partners)
  • Accredited Facilities.

In addition, boards have been certifying Course Providers for many years now. All of these are Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships that diversify the revenue stream and bolster your designations. 

See how our experience makes a difference.