CredHQ for Accreditation

Navigating the intricacies of the accreditation process involves numerous participants, making the coordination and management a complex task. CredHQ emerges as a pivotal tool in streamlining accreditation management, delivering cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for your clients. It equips professionals to efficiently organize and navigate through each phase, offering an intuitive platform that illuminates progress with clarity.

Crafted by Accreditation Professionals for Accreditation Professionals

CredHQ stands out by offering adaptable, customizable solutions to every player in the accreditation arena. Its versatility is showcased through a variety of pre-set checklist options, which are ready to use or can be tailored to specific needs, covering areas like:
  • Standards compliance
  • Evaluation and survey processes
  • Document control
  • Disclosure and assessment tasks
  • Review and auditing protocols
  • Site visit preparations
  • And more!
Centralizing all critical documents, standards, and criteria in one location, CredHQ ensures that clients gain a transparent understanding of their accreditation journey, fostering better insights and enhancing operational efficiency.

CredHQ: Your Comprehensive Accreditation Management Partner

CredHQ transcends traditional CRM functionalities, catering to the intricate dynamics of organizational relationships while addressing individual needs. Its features encompass:

Accreditation Process Management:

At the core of CredHQ, we support application and renewal processes. These processes are flexible and can support any requirements, at any stage of the customers’ lifecycle. We have over 30 pre-built requirement templates to support your requirements such as organization details, required staff, site visits, standards and evaluations, and many more.

Customer Relationship Management:

CredHQ helps you manage individuals and organizations and the complex ways they can be related to each other. Permissions can be granted to those customers based on your requirements.

Standards and Evaluations:

Manage your standards, evaluation questions, and scoring in CredHQ. The standards and questions can be configured with branching options as well.

Reviewers and Surveyors:

Assign reviewers and surveyors to your applications. These reviewers have their own portals giving them access to only their assignments and the tools they need to complete the job.

Standards and Evaluations:

Leave comments and send email communications. In CredHQ, your staff and customers will always know where they stand with their accreditation.

E-Commerce and Accounting:

CredHQ will process your e-commerce transactions. Taking advantage of hosted payment solutions, your e-commerce solution will always remain PCI compliant. The powerful accounting system can handle complex transactions including voids, refunds, credits, and deferrals.

Executive Dashboards and Reports:

See how your programs are doing at a glance. Throughout CredHQ you will have access to configurable charts and reports to provide you with high-level data and trends.

Workflow Automation:

Let CredHQ do the work! Agilutions' powerful Credentialing Engine and supporting workflow management will automate your business processes. CredHQ can support prerequisites, triggering events, scheduled jobs, and more.

Online User Portals:

Don’t make your users search for what they need. When a user logs into their CredHQ online portal, they will have easy access to their relevant content. They won’t need to wade through content that is irrelevant to them. If they are affiliated with more than one organization going through the accreditation process, they can access each of the organizations’ applications from one login. Surveyors and reviewers can log in and see only the applications assigned to them.

Flexible and Extendable System:

CredHQ is flexible and extendable, allowing Agilutions to configure the system to work for you. In addition to over 30 requirement type templates from surveys and evaluations to endorsements and disclosures, CredHQ can handle unique requirements required by your organization.
CredHQ: What Can Accreditation Management Software Do for Your Organization?
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CredHQ embodies the future of efficient, streamlined accreditation management, offering an unparalleled blend of functionality and flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of the accreditation landscape. By offering a suite of configurable, comprehensive solutions, CredHQ not only simplifies the complexities inherent in accreditation management but also enhances operational efficiency, clarity, and compliance for its users. Our dedication to evolving alongside industry standards ensures that CredHQ remains at the forefront of accreditation management technology, making it an essential partner for any organization looking to optimize its accreditation processes and achieve excellence with greater ease and efficiency.