CredHQ for Accreditation

Each aspect of the accreditation process involves many participants, and keeping track of everything can be challenging. CredHQ is an accreditation process management software that offers comprehensive solutions that result in cost and time savings for your customers. It allows them to stay organized and easily manage every step with our easy-to-use software that gives your customers clear insights into their progress. 

Designed for Accreditation Experts By Accreditation Experts

CredHQTM works to provide solutions to all stakeholders in the accreditation process with fully configurable and customizable software. It includes several pre-built checklist requirements that can be used as-is or adapted to meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Standards
  • Evaluations and surveys
  • Document management
  • Assessments and disclosures
  • Reviews and audits
  • Site visits
  • And more!

By storing all important documents, standards, and requirements in one place, your customers can have a clear understanding of the process, allowing for clearer insights and increased efficiency. 

CredHQ For Accreditation Management

CredHQ is a full CRM solution that can support the complex organizational relationships as well as support individual needs. Features include:

Relationship Management: User portals are specific to individuals. Whether they are representing the accreditation application or are reviewing it, they will only see what they need.
Workflow Automation: CredHQ automates the accreditation process, removing the need to manually track and assign tasks.
Communication: Communicate with all stakeholders in the accreditation process so your customers understand current and ongoing requirements.
Accounting: CredHQTM supports the accreditation process with our secure e-commerce system that allows a variety of transactions.
Document Management: Easily store, track, and assign important documents all from one convenient location.
Site Visits: Let your customers understand how to prepare for site visits with a checklist that allows them to track and manage required activities. 
Flexibility: CredHQ can be easily updated to meet changing standards and needs so that your accreditation management is always up-to-date.
CredHQ: What Can Accreditation Management Software Do for Your Organization?
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