TRUSTFUL™ Model & Scorecard

Certification Management System supporting the Business of Certification

How Does Your Certification Process Measure Up?

The Agilutions approach to solutions is done through the lens of our TRUSTFUL™ model, from how we engage to how we build our software and support your certification management needs. 

We understand the complexities and challenges that come with managing the business of credentialing and your certification program.

Today’s certifying organizations find themselves faced with a daunting balancing act – meet, and maintain, very defined, inflexible certification standards with credential holders who increasingly expect the experience to be a simple, transparent and convenient one. Layer in outdated technology, heavy competition, changing landscape and processes that are cumbersome or worse, and that balance can feel impossible to achieve.


Years of working with the leading certification organizations and experts has given us unparalleled visibility into what works, the industry-leading best practices that will streamline internal facilitation of your programs and create the kind of experience that keeps credential holders engaged, informed and coming back.

Based on our experience, Agilutions understands the most successful certification processes follow what we’ve come to call the TRUSTFUL™ model. 

CredHQ™ is a more TRUSTFUL™ approach to the business of certification.

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Is Your Credentialing Process?

Our TRUSTFUL model offers a critical first step in engineering a fully-integrated certification program, empowering your business with:

  • A clear view of any gaps and weaknesses within your program through a credential process scorecard that assesses everything from transparency and usability to how legally defensible your program is.
  • Improved confidence in your certification program, as well as the process and technology behind it.
  • Actionable insight into what can make your program better.
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