A Customized Approach to Implementations

We perform ten or more implementations each year for clients both big and small. We can do so many because we use a proven method for capturing your business requirements and translating them into technical solutions. Our approach ensures a smooth transition of your data and business processes.

Practice Makes us Perfect
at Implementation

A large-scale implementation project can be intimidating, not to mention the time and monetary investment required. The stakes are often high, just like the organizational need. In most organizations, a project of this size and magnitude comes along once every decade.

What differentiates us? We are problem solvers who thrive on solving complex challenges. We fancy ourselves “MacGyvers” — always searching for solutions, despite the most difficult project challenges.


Count on us for a Successful AMS Implementation

Many implementation providers can check boxes and boast AMS expertise. What distinguishes us as real experts in association management and implementation methodology is our:

  • Longevity
  • Accomplishments
  • Commitment to perfection

After years of working with clients both large and small, we have developed a proven way to capture all of your business requirements.

Here's How:


In this critical first step, usually one to two days onsite, we focus on information gathering. This brief, yet detailed, engagement with the client includes meetings with key stakeholders. This step gives us a high-level understanding of the client’s current processes and identifies objectives for the new solution.

System Requirements Analysis (SRA)

During the second implementation phase, the team works closely with the client to define their business requirements and functionality needs. This essential part of the process allows perspective into how the client may be using legacy systems and solutions.

It also helps your technical team become familiar with the robust capabilities of the new platform. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive a “game plan” for your unique credentialing or AMS needs.

Setup and Configuration

During this phase, we map business processes and convert data from old tables to new. Most importantly, we discuss process innovation. Implementation of NetForum or the Credentialing Engine™ is a lifestyle change that provides a more seamless workflow and better efficiency in managing your unique certification process.


The Implementation phase of a project includes customizations based on the specific and agreed-upon needs of the client. We offer a concierge experience for the duration of the implementation. Our “high touch” approach gives end users access and transparency into the product early and often. As a result, we can better manage client expectations and comfort levels.

Mock Go-Live

This phase of the implementation simulates a live deployment, allowing the client the opportunity to test their day-to-day activities. This “dry run” is a crucial step in ensuring a successful launch.

We assist with the planning and typically travel onsite to oversee the activity with our clients. Our team will work closely with the client project team to prepare all stakeholders for this exercise.

Go-Live and Launch

Finally, the official launch of the new platform; we turn off the old system and turn on the new one! Our team takes the outcome of the “go-live” very seriously and personally. We are accessible for any client needs throughout the duration and after the completion of the implementation. Depending on the size of the project, we may travel onsite to offer a higher level of concierge support.

Post Go-Live

It’s imperative that organizations approach this phase with the same thoughtfulness as the implementation process. The “go-live” is a mega-milestone and an accomplishment that you should celebrate, but it’s important to keep the momentum going. The first months after launch are critical for building confidence and organizational buy-in for the new software.

Support and Maintenance

Once the client’s technical team becomes familiar and comfortable using their new system, Agilutions’ project team will introduce the client to the highly-trained and friendly Agilutions support team. This seasoned and experienced team is committed to providing timely answers and guidance to your most complex technical-support questions.

As NetForum and Credentialing Engine™ experts, the support team prides themselves on problem-solving and delivering a “high touch” support and maintenance experience. We aren’t shy. We like holding hands and will work to ensure you and your team always feel supported.

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