Our Methodology

A Customized Approach to Implementations

We perform ten or more implementations each year for clients both big and small. We can do so many because we use a proven method for capturing your business requirements and translating them into technical solutions. Our approach ensures a smooth transition of your data and business processes.

A large-scale implementation project can be intimidating, not to mention the time and monetary investment required. The stakes are often high, just like the organizational need. In most organizations, a project of this size and magnitude comes along once every decade.

What differentiates us? We are problem solvers who thrive on solving complex challenges. We fancy ourselves “MacGyvers” — always searching for solutions, despite the most difficult project challenges.

Our Strategic Difference

We focus on the full life cycle of your certification business, from earning and maintaining designations to the relationships that support them. Our experts help you break down the process to identify inefficiencies.

We re-engineer and reassemble for a streamlined, efficient process.

Our years of experience creating seamless integrations and workflows have transformed basic certification requirements into powerful and robust programs.

Your staff and applicants will appreciate having our tools and resources at their fingertips.

Our Strategic Difference

An Enterprise Certification Management System (eCMS)

Your CRM focuses on individuals, customers and members and has a “module” that keeps track of Certification. But this is just the beginning. 

A true Enterprise Certification Management System manages the application and renewal processes for a program and is the center of your business’s ecosystem that brings all systems together to drive your business forward.

It provides a powerful combination of services you’ll love and nothing you won’t:

  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Products
  • Events
  • Volunteers
  • Registered Programs
  • Course Providers
  • Accredited Facilities
  • Corporate Partners
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