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How Certification Boards Can Generate New Revenue by Developing Career Centers

By Carlos Restrepo / August 4, 2021

Boards establish the benchmarks for professional knowledge, skill, and expertise, and they update their certification requirements regularly, ensuring that certificants stay current as industries evolve. That is why I believe boards are in the perfect position to help their certificants find their next jobs, but more importantly, to help them develop satisfying, productive careers.


Ever Thought About Franchising Your Certification Board?

By Stephen Spruce / July 21, 2021

Have you thought about your Accredited Facilities as a franchise extending the brand and recognition of your Certification? We have. The relationship between a certification board and its accredited facilities varies from industry to industry. We’d like to suggest several positive outcomes that are possible from a closer relationship with accredited facilities.


Why You Should Invite Corporate Partners to Invest in Your Certification Board

By Stephen Spruce / July 7, 2021

Corporate partners are natural investors in your board. They are already in your ecosystem, and you share common goals. You both want certificants to gain and renew their credentials throughout their careers. You both want to ensure that certification keeps professionals current in their fields. By working together, you can positively influence the certification process, as well as help overcome barriers to renewal.


How to Strengthen Your Recertification Program By Developing Channel Partners

By Stephen Spruce / June 23, 2021

I’d like to talk about the role education providers play in the certification renewal process and how improved relationships with them can help increase retention and generate significant additional revenue.


How Building a Candidate Pipeline Can Expand Your Mission & Increase Revenue

By Stephen Spruce / June 9, 2021

This past year has demonstrated how boards with single sources of revenue are vulnerable. Fortunately, you can create opportunities with registered programs to build a candidate pipeline, and with it, to create financial stability.


Is Your Certification Board Thriving Post-Pandemic? Here’s How It Can.

By Carlos Restrepo / May 26, 2021

You’re also worried, however, about the current state of affairs. Who thought we’d ever have to shut down in-person testing facilities? Or delay exams? Or expand eligibility windows? But we have had to, and we don’t know exactly when that part of the business will completely re-open safely, or if at all.


The Changing Face of Certification for Associations

By agilutions / May 16, 2019

Why associations need to move certification management to the front seat When we think about the growing needs for association…


Agilutions Names Carlos Restrepo Director of Business Development

By agilutions / February 11, 2019

Well-known Sales and Client Service Executive Joins Leadership Team of Prominent Certification and Association Management Firm   DENVER, CO—Agilutions, a…


Welcome to our new website

By agilutions / April 23, 2018

Our Agilutions team loves taking care of clients. We do an awesome job doing credentialing management software and NetForum implementation…


Our bags are packed for Community Brands’ Xperience18

By agilutions / April 20, 2018

It’s time to hit the road and leave our comfy confines of Denver to head to Orlando! The Agilutions team…