Certification Management Software System

Agilutions provides a system to manage certifications that will help you stay on top of your employees’ credentials. These systems provide centralized locations to keep track of certification status and alert workers when their certificates are about to expire.

View and Manage Certifications in One Place

Agilutions’ Cred HQ certificate management system helps you keep track of all the certificates in your organization. Each certificate goes through a specific lifecycle, including discovery, issuance, usage, and expiration, and each step is vital to maintaining certification and requires a centralized certificate management process.

Whether your business is audited by an internal team or a regulatory board, you must maintain accurate certification records. Our certification management software also allows you to upload and store important employee details related to certification management. This makes it easy to understand which employees are certified, who needs certification, and who has certification set to expire soon. It allows users to easily organize certification documents so that they are easy to find and retrieve.

Streamlining Certification Tracking and Renewals

Centralizing certifications and credentials, automating alerts, and streamlining renewal processes through Agilutions empowers organizations to stay on top of regulatory compliance while bolstering credential verification. This ensures credibility and fosters a culture of learning and growth.

Reduce liability claims and risk with a centralized platform that tracks worker certification status in real time. Our software also can proactively alert employees, supervisors, and training managers when their certifications are close to expiring, allowing them to schedule classes ahead of time.

Manage Certification Standards and Evaluations

Our certification management system allows customers to streamline their certification processes by offering a wide range of methods for implementing certification standards. Our system also helps them create and manage their compliance certification reports by making it easy to use with a simple online interface.

With a built-in credential verification feature, your team can ensure the validity of their certifications by ensuring they have passed any required exams. Our system enables them to view the results of those exams as well as track expiration dates, which can help reduce the risk of a loss of credibility and trust when the credentials are no longer valid.

Stand out as an industry leader and demonstrate your commitment to operational excellence by using certification management software. This allows for high-performing operations while establishing best practices that can be leveraged across the organization.

Create Workflow and Manage Exams

Our certification management software makes it easy to track and manage your entire credentialing process from start to finish. For example, our system offers a simple registration process for participants to take a certification exam. This allows you to spend less time managing your database and more time implementing your program. Our platform is also capable of integrating with third-party testing centers and allowing for online proctoring. This ensures the integrity of your certifications and helps you maintain compliance with your regulatory body.

A certification management system is crucial for organizations that award credentials to professionals in a specific field. It streamlines the certification tracking and renewal processes while also reducing costs. In addition, Agilutions can help you comply with regulatory requirements and increase transparency and self-service capabilities for your certifications.

Get Intuitive Certification Management Software

Implementing a certification management system helps you manage risks, improves business performance, and embeds safe working practices into your operations. By demonstrating compliance, reducing operational costs, and maximizing your certificate’s value, a robust certification management system is an essential tool to help you stay competitive.

With a centralized list of certificates, you can easily monitor the status of your network and prevent roadblocks caused by misconfigured or expired certificates. Our easy-to-use software lets you track worker certifications and credentials from any device. It proactively alerts supervisors and managers when their credentials are approaching or have expired so they can schedule training. You can also automatically generate custom certificates for learners on completion of their courses.

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