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For years, many certification boards have been limited in their quest for adequate certification management technology because of the expensive price tag and limited options.

Worse, certification boards have been forced to make sacrifices in technology and use association focused platforms that aren’t built to understand their complex certification management needs.


Designed FOR credentialing experts BY credentialing experts.

Is technology holding back your certification program? Get started with CredHQ™

The certification experts at Agilutions understand that MEMBERSHIP and CERTIFICATION are fundamentally different. For over 15 years, we have been delivering certification management solutions that not only improve efficiencies, but help elevate the focus of the program, to attract and maintain happy and lifelong certificants and stakeholders.

What is CredHQ™?

CredHQ is a full-featured, certification management solution packaged with the technical and credentialing expertise of Agilutions. CredHQ is more than just technology and was designed specifically to help credentialing organizations manage their certification programs with ease, using advanced technology, that is attainable and economically priced.

It shouldn’t be more difficult to manage a credential than to earn one.

CredHQ brings the power and functionality you would expect from a robust AMS, but without the distraction of unused modules, irrelevant functionality, and a hefty price tag.

  • Credentialing Engine™
  • Full-featured CRM Platform
  • World-Class Hosting
  • TRUSTFUL™ Credential Process Model
  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Certification Program Best Practices
Commitment to Success
  • 15 Years Serving Credentialing Organizations
  • Passionate Solutions Coaches
  • Future Ready

CredHQ™ Features

CredHQ was built using a full-featured CRM platform and modules designed specifically to meet the growing needs of today’s credentialing programs.

  • CRM - A full-featured CRM platform designed to manage all your certificant and prospect records in one place with an easy-to-use interface and powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Credentialing Engine™ —The flagship product created by the credentialing experts at Agilutions, serves as a checklist manager for all your program management needs. From the initial application, to renewal and maintenance, the process of managing your credentialing program has never been easier or more efficient.
  • Accounting - Designed to handle your organization’s invoicing, cash receipts and other financial transactions, including deferrals and credits.
  • Events - Built with complete management functionality to track every detail of your event—Whether it’s for your annual meeting, regional conference, or workshop.
  • Marketing - Create targeted marketing emails and communicate important and time sensitive messages through automated campaigns.
  • Inventory - Track all products sold through eCommerce, including merchandise, event registrations, publications and subscriptions.

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